Home & School plans exciting events that build a strong partnership between the school and our families. We are all in this together!  

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Box Tops for Education:

Box Tops are worth 10 cents each for your school.  Here's how it works... 

#1 Find Box Tops on hundreds of products (products we all use every day!).
#2 Clip Box Tops from the package.
#3 Send the Box Tops to your school.
Box Tops is one of America's largest school earnings loyalty programs! 

We also fundraise through the app Shoparoo

If your family or you know of any family with children that might need some extra help this holiday season let them know about Toys for Tot in Volusia County. 
The location to verify in person is Mainland High School Gym in Daytona Beach, FL Saturday Nov. 19, 2016 from 8am-12pm
The sign up form is online at http://daytona-beach-fl.toysfortots.org/local-coordinator-sites/lco-sites/local-toy-request-single-form.aspx